Admin Script: Create USB ISO Bootable using Grub4Dos and NTLDR

To create USB Bootable requires understanding on how the image is booting and the solution may not applicable to different images. So, I am looking for a way that we can create USB Bootable to boot ISO image as they were boot from CD/DVD disc.

Fortunately, I found the solution and I script it out for fast USB ISO Bootable creation.

Since USB Disk partition with FAT32, there is file size limitation to 4GB.

In below screenshot, It is booting Acronis Recovery ISO image from USB.




  1. USB Storage with at least 8GB

  2. Create a directory and store below files in the same folder:

  • grldr                 : Download Grub4Dos and extract file
  • ntldr                 : extract from Windows NT 5 (XP/2003) DVD/WS2003 SP2
  • bootsect.exe  : extract from Windows NT 6 kernel (Windows 7 and higher)


  1. Download my scripts in Admin Scripts and unzip

  2. Edit the script, navigate to Section [0] Configuration and set Configuration Input

To input USB_DISKPART_DISK_NO, using diskpart and find the disk that is
using by the target USB Disk, see below screenshot


  1. Execute YLNotes__CreateUsbIsoBootable_Grub4Dos_NT5.cmd in Administrator Mode

  2. Log file will be automatically opened using notepad.

  3. Review the log and make sure there is no error found (refer to Log Output Sample)

  4. Your USB ISO Bootable is ready.


Admin Scripts:

  1. YLNotes__CreateUsbIsoBootable_Grub4Dos_NT5


Sample Log:

  1. YLNotes__CreateUsbIsoBootable_Grub4Dos_NT5__LOG

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