Admin Scripts: How to assign folder permission using ICACLS/CACLS

This tutorial is written to help administrator to write script to grant folder NTFS permission.

Script 1:

Grant NTFS “Modify” access with Inheritance Enabled



Express Excel Script

  • Copy the content of below table and paste to Excel at Cell A1
  • Set Tools with ICACLS or CACLS
  • Set Folder Path and Windows Account
  • Add additional data and copy Express Excel Script
Folder Path
Windows Account
Express Excel Script
ICACLS D:\Share\Share1 Domain1\User1 =IF(A2=”ICACLS”,”ICACLS “”” & B2 &””” /inheritance:e /grant “”” & C2 & “:(CI)(OI)M”””,IF(A2=”CACLS”,”CACLS “”” & B2 & “”” /T /E /G “”” &C2 &”””:C”,”#Unsupported Tools”))


[ddownload id=”898″] YLNotes__ExpressExcelScript_Icacls_Calcs ([ddownload_count id=”898″])

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