Admin Scripts: Dump Folder Contents Report

Dump Folder Contents admin script is a companion to my YLNApp for generating SQL Server Restore Scripts but it can also be used as generic report of file contents from the root folder.

The admin script will dump all folder contents from root folder with files info (name, date created & modified, and file size). You can define the decimal point of file size to display.

If you have further suggestion to improve this script, please feedback in comments. Thank you


  1. Download and Unzip Admin Script

  2. Edit YLNotes__DumpFolderContents.cmd

  3. On Section [1], Use the template to create the dump config.


  1. Save and Execute YLNotes__DumpFolderContents.cmd

  2. The report will be generated in OUTPUT folder in csv extenstion

  3. Open CSV report using Spreadsheet software.


Admin Scripts

  1. [ddownload id=”1205″] YLNotes__DumpFolderContents ([ddownload_count id=”1205″])


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