Admin Scripts: Generate WinSxS Sources ISO for WinSxS Repair (Windows 8/8.1/Server 2012/2012 R2)

Starting from Windows 8/Server 2012 (Windows Kernel 6.2) and above, it has built-in repair capability to repair file corruption in WinSxS.

However, there is a time that the repair is not successful and it may need alternative good source of WinSxS location to repair.

You may refer to System Update Readiness Tool – Windows 8/8.1 & Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 for SUR usage.


  1. Save Admin Script

  2. Download Make ISO program MKISOFS (Windows) (mkisofs.exe)

  3. You can either use system that pass SUR with DISM using option /ScanHealth

 or create a new system using VM, run Windows Updates, and pass DISM /ScanHealth check


  1. Complete Pre-Requisite and store at the same location with free space to hold ISO generated.

The free space must be bigger than the storage size of “C:\Windows\WinSxS” folder

  1. Execute Admin Script and ISO file is generated with filename format:


Windows 8  /Server 2012         -> WinSxS_W62.iso
Windows 8.1/Server 2012 R2  -> WinSxS_W63.iso

  1. Copy the generated ISO file.


Admin Scripts

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Updated: 21/11/2014 — 8:37 PM

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