Admin Scripts: PNG Image Optimizer using OptiPNG

Smaller image size really helps to improve blog articles and to reduce image storage.

Google PageSpeed Insights recommends Losslessly image compression to improve user experience.

In this blog, I will use lossless image optimizer OptiPNG which I used to optimize PNG images used in my blog.



S1.1. Download Admin Scripts YLNotes_ImageOptimizerPNG_OptiPNG

Note: Admin Script includes OptiPNG v0.7.5

[ddownload id=”1710″] ([ddownload_count id=”1710″])

S1.2. Unzip to the root of the drive


S1.3. Batch file YLNotes_ImageOptimizerPNG_OptiPNG.cmd is set with default settings and if you wish to add more parameters, edit the batch file and update Section [1] OptiPNG – OPTIPNG_PARAMS



S2.1. Put PNG images to be optimized into PNG_IMAGE folder

Note: For WordPress, to optimize all PNG images, copy uploads folder (wp-root\wp-content\uploads)


S2.2. Execute Admin Script batch and optimized image will overwrite the original. Batch file will close automatically after image optimzation completed.


S2.3. Upload your optimized PNG image to your blog.

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