Admin Scripts: Run Program If Not Running

I have encountered issue with non service critical program that stops running.

So to reduce administrative support to always check whether this program is running is to write a batch script with scheduler.



S1-1. Download Admin Scripts

Download YLNotes_RunProgramIfNotRunning (169)

S1-2. Unzip to the root of the drive (e.g. X:\YLNotes\YLNApps\YLNotes_RunProgramIfNotRunning)



S2-1. Edit YLNotes_RunProgramIfNotRunning .cmd

S2-2. Set Program 1 (Program Home and Program Exe)

S2-3. If you have only one program to run, remove program 2

S2-4. If you need more, just copy and paste Program 1 template and set Program Home and Program Exe

S2-5. Lastly, use windows task scheduler to run automatically.


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