Android: Sony Xperia – Backup Xperia DRM/BA2 Key with BackupTA

Sony Xperia mobile comes with DRM/BA2 key to enable Sony proprietary features such as Bravia Engine 2 in Sony Movies app. If you unlock or accidentally flash TA partition, your key will be lost forever.

Fortunately, XDA developer, DevShaft, has created a tool called BackupTA to backup TA partition for future recovery.


BackupTA References:



S1-1. Sony Xperia devices must be ROOTED first

S1-2. Enable USB Debugging mode



Steps to Backup:

S2-1. Download and Unzip BackupTA script

S2-2. Execute Backup-TA.bat

S2-3. BackupTA will show license and warning. Press any key to continue


S2-4. Plug in your USB cable and check your phone to allow prompt Allow USB debugging? to enable



S2-5.  Select Option 1 to start Backup



S2-6. Navigate to BackupTA Backup folder to check BackupTA image file in ZIP archive


S2-7. Lastly, use two different ZIP software to check the archive is not corrupted (just to be safe)



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