Android Root: KingRoot (Lollipop)

I write a guide on how to root Android 5 Lollipop using KingRoot and replacing superuser KingRoot to SuperSU. The step is only for use with YLN-KingRoot.


The steps are written to root Sony Xperia Z. If you have successfully rooting other models using my guide, please share it in comment.


Pre-requisite Steps:

S1-1. Download YLN-KingRoot bundle, you can:

  • Download directly using mobile browser directly
  • Download from PC and upload to mobile to Download folder (/sdcard/Download)

Download_YLNKingRoot01Download_YLNKingRoot02 Download_YLNKingRoot03

S1-2. Enable Security Unknown Sources to install APK manually

Android_5_Security_01 Android_5_Security_02

S1-3. Extract download using File Manager

  • File Commander




S1-4. Install All APK in YLN-KingRoot\APK



Rooting Steps:


S2-1. Run KingRoot App


S2-2. Follow KingRoot Instruction (Note: Internet connection is required)




KingRoot04 KingRoot06

S2-3. Run Terminal to replace superuser to SuperSU


S2-4. Command Steps in Terminal

  • Run in Root mode


  • Terminal will request root privilege to KingRoot, click Allow


  • Change Directory to YLN-KingRoot/mrw

#cd /sdcard/Download/YLN-KingRoot/mrw

  • Run Script to change KingRoot to SuperSU

#sh ./


  • Update SuperSU binary will appear, update it

KingRoot10 KingRoot11KingRoot12KingRoot13

  • Reboot your device


Post Rooting Steps:

S3-1. Run SuperSU App and install SuperSU into system

SuperSU01SuperSU02 SuperSU03

S3-2. SuperSU will close and SuperSU icon will disappear from drawer. Reboot your device

S3-3. Once reboot, SuperSU icon should appear again in drawer.

S3-4. To test, run terminal and execute su command. Superuser request prompt will appear.


S3-4. KingRoot also install app called Purify, If you do not want it, uninstall Purify.


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