Android: Samsung – How to check KNOX Warranty Status

Guide to check Samsung KNOX Status as Samsung Warranty is only valid when KNOX Warranty Void Status is 0x0.


  • Once you root (CF-AutoRoot, etc) using ODIN flash, it will trip KNOX Warranty Void Status

What is Samsung KNOX?

Samsung KNOX is security enhancement for Android devices targeted for enterprise mobility (BYOD: Bring Your Own Device). To read further, access Samsung KNOX web site


Steps to check KNOX Status:

S1-1. Power off your Samsung Gadget

S1-2. Enter Odin Mode, Press and Hold three buttons: Home + Power + Volume Down.

Read further on Enter/Exit Odin Mode: Android: Samsung – How to Enter and Exit Odin Download Mode

S1-3. Press Volume Up to continue to Odin Download Mode

S1-4. On top left corner, look for KNOX WARRANTY VOID

Official : KNOX WARRANTY VOID: 0x0



p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>Root/Custom : KNOX WARRANTY VOID: 0x1

S1-5. To restart phone, Press and Hold three buttons for 10 seconds: Home + Power + Volume Down

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