Android: Samsung – Register Product Warranty for Galaxy Notes 4 (SM-N910G)

Guide to Register Samsung Galaxy Notes 4 (SM-N910G) Product Warranty


Registration Steps:

S1-1. Open Web Browser and navigate to Samsung Portal and login

Singapore: Cyber Service Center

S1-2. Click on Register your Product button


S1-3. Select Model Code, enter SM-N910G and click Check button, Model Code Search will show pop up windows to select specific model code (model and colour) from table shown below



S1-4. Enter your Serial No from your mobile by navigating to Settings -> About device -> Status -> Serial number


p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>SamsungReg_0004 

S1-5. Enter Purchase Date and Proof of Purchase (Image or PDF)

S1-6. Submit and your warranty registration is completed.

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