Android: Sony Xperia – Restore original firmware using Sony PC Companion

During firmware upgrade, I made a mistake and it bricks the phone.

So here the steps to restore the phone.

The step is also useful if you would like to reset with original firmware.

Note: The step will wipe all data and restore the phone with the latest firmware.


  1. Install latest Sony PC Companion
  2. Your phone battery at least 80% or more
  3. Plug USB cable to your phone only, follow the step before plug USB cable into computer.


Phone bricks caused by Software Updates.



Steps to restore original firmware:

S1-1. Open Sony PC Companion

S1-2. Click Start on Support Zone


S1-3. Click Start on Phone/Table Software Update


S1-4. Click on the link repair my phone / tablet



S1-5. If your phone model appear in the list, select that model. Otherwise select Another phone/tablet and click Next button


S1-6. Follow the wizard and click on the checkbox to accept the risk warning of Software updates.


S1-7. Select your phone model from the list


S1-8. Keep pressing Volume Down and plug USB cable to computer until you see the wizard shows the circle animation as shown below in picture 5.


S1-9. Software update is now flashing. Do not unplug until the flashing is completed.


S1-10. Flashing is completed. Unplug USB cable from phone and restart phone.


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