Gadget: Sony PSP – Dual Micro SDCard SDXC to Memory Stick Duo Pro Adapter

Well, I have an old PSP which contains Memory Stick Duo Pro with 2 GB capacity and nowadays, that capacity is really small and high capacity MS Duo Pro is expensive. So it is not a worth investment to buy.

So I searched around and found a way to use SDCard as storage in MS Duo Pro adapter that can be inserted into PSP as MS. As this PSP is old model (PSP-1000), I am not confident that high capacity Micro SDCard such SDXC (64 GB and above) can be used. Note: PSP-1000 supports FAT32 filesystem only and FAT32 supports up to 32GB SDCard capacity.

In Amazon reviews, some people mentioned that it works and so I decided to try and the result is

Yes, It works very well

I include the products used with Amazon link and the guides for :

  1. Setup Memory Stick Duo Pro Adapter with Dual Micro SDCard SDXC
  2. Restore Micro SDCard SDXC as standalone SDCard after ejecting from MS Duo Pro


  1. 1 x Dual MicroSD MicroSDHC to MS PRO DUO Adapter (by Generic)
  2. 2 x SanDisk Ultra 64GB UHI-I/Class 10 Micro SDXC Memory Card Up to 48MB/s With Adapter- SDSDQUAN-064G-G4A


Setup MS Duo Pro with Dual Micro SDCard SDXC:

S1-1. Insert Micro SDCard SDXC on each MS Duo Pro Adapter Slot.

S1-2. Insert MS Duo Pro Adapter into PSP, and PSP will prompt error:

The Memory Stick™ cannot be read.
Go to [Settings] > [System Settings] to format the Memory Stick™.

S1-3. In PSP, navigate to Settings -> System Settings -> Format Memory Stick™

S1-4. Proceed with Format and if PSP failed to format with this error:

Format failed.

S1-5. Eject MS Duo Pro Adapter and insert into your computer Memory Stick slot.

S1-6. Navigate to Memory Stick drive, you will see PSP filesystem.


S1-7. Error 80010011 is due to corruption entry on large SDCard capacity and can be fixed using Windows Scandisk tools.





S1-8. Eject MS Duo Pro Adapter from your computer and insert back to PSP

S1-9. Perform Format again In PSP, navigate to Settings -> System Settings -> Format Memory Stick™ and PSP will successfully format  with the following message:

Format Completed.

S1-10. Your MS Duo Pro card is ready.



Restore SDCard SDXC After Ejecting from MS Duo Pro Adapter

If you want to reuse Micro SDCard SDXC as standalone SDCard, you need to perform these steps to revert back SDCard.


S2-1. Eject MS Duo Pro Adapter from PSP and remove SDCard from Slot 2 of MS Duo Pro Adapter

S2-2. Insert back MS Duo Pro Adapter with SDCard in Slot 1 into PSP

S2-3. Perform Format, navigate to Settings -> System Settings -> Format Memory Stick™

S2-4. PSP will format and recognize the first slot SDCard with original capacity.


Slot 1 of SDCard in MS Duo Pro is not in the correct capacity when inserted into computer. This is due to combine capacity of SDCard when using MS Duo Pro. It must be reverted to avoid damage SDCard.


S2-5. Eject MS Duo Pro Adapter from PSP, remove SDCard from Slot 1

S2-6. Format two Micro SDCard SDXC in computer with exFAT filesystem.

S2-7. Your Micro SDCard SDXC is ready to be reused.



  1. Sony: PSP Memory Stick Compatibility

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