SlipStream: SQL Server – Service Pack Slipstream for SQL Server 2008 to 2012

SQL Server with Service Pack Slipstream will make your SQL Server installation faster and this is also required when installing on new multi-instance when the installer version has latest Service Pack.

I have created a script to automate the slipstream process into ISO files.

Once ISO generated is completed, I advise you to read companion tools to test.


  1. Download Admin Scripts and Unzip

1. YLNotes__SqlServer_Slipstream_Scaffolding_SP.cmd
2. YLNotes__SqlServer_Slipstream_Engine_SP.cmd
3. YLNotes__SqlServer_Slipstream_Config_SP-[PROFILE].cmd

Note: Change [PROFILE] with the name of SQL Server Slipstream Configuration set

  1. Download ISO Extraction program

1. 7-Zip (Windows 32-bit exe installer)


  1. Download Make ISO program

1. MKISOFS (Windows) (mkisofs.exe)
2. CDBurnerXP (Portable version)




SlipStream Steps:

  1. Execute Admin Script #1 YLNotes__SqlServer_Slipstream_Scaffolding_SP.cmd

to create the slipstream scaffolding. It will create a folder in root drive where the script is located.


  1. Save all Admin Scripts into __SqlServer_SlipStream__\CMD

  2. Add binary program into __SqlServer_SlipStream__\BIN

3.1. ISO Extraction program

Install 7-Zip (EXE) or extract using other archival software and copy binary:
– 7z.exe
– 7z.dll

3.2. Make ISO program


Extract mkisofs.exe program

b. CDBurnerXP

Extract Portable ZIP file and rename the root folder to CDBurnerXP

  1. SQL Server Sources

4.1. SQL Server Installer Sources

Sources can be copied from DVD or ISO file. ISO sources must be copied into


4.2. SQL Server Service Pack files

Download all supported architecture and store according to Service Pack
version. e.g. SQL Server 2008 SP3 files to be stored at

  1. Set SQL Server SlipStream Configuration File and Change Profile Name

eg. YLNotes__SqlServer_Slipstream_Config_SP-SS2008R2_wSP2.cmd

  1. Execute SQL Server SlipStream Configuration File

eg. YLNotes__SqlServer_Slipstream_Config_SP-SS2008R2_wSP2.cmd

  1. Once the process is completed, the log will appear

  2. Your SQL Server SlipStream ISO is ready at the following location:



How to check SQL Server Slipstream is successful

SQL Server 2008


SQL Server 2008 R2



Admin Scripts

  1.  Download

Downloads Count: 231


 Log Sample Output

  1. Download

 Downloads Count: 206


Companion Tools

  1. Admin Scripts: SQL Server – Slipstream Test Script Installer



  1. SQL Server 2008 Slipstream
  2. SQL Server 2008 R2 Slipstream

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