Windows Media DVD: Create Installation Media for Windows 8.1 (Retail)

New PC pre-installed with Windows 8.1 may not have physical windows media provided in case reinstall is required. As you use Windows System, sometimes, it may go wrong due to bad device drivers, malware or even cause by human error such as deletion of important registry/files. If you cannot restore the system using backup, you may need to reinstall Windows from scratch.

Before such worst incident happens, it is advisable to create installation Windows Media first.

This tutorial will focus on create Windows Media using ISO file which you can burn to DVD or convert into USB bootable disk. If your free space is not a problem, I am strongly advised to keep ISO file.


S1. Open your browser and navigate to Microsoft WebSite Create installation media for Windows 8.1

S2. Scroll down until you see button Create Media (RED color box)


S3. Once click, an executable to create windows media will be downloaded with filename mediacreationtool.exe


S4. Run mediacreationtool.exe and it requires Administrator rights to proceed

S5. Select the options in order:

  • Language
  • Edition
  • Architecture



S6. Select option ISO file


S7. Select a location to save the ISO file.

Note: Rename default filename with edition and architecture for easy ISO file identification.


S8. Wizard will proceed with downloading installation file and creation ISO file

CreateResetRefreshMedia_W81_0005CreateResetRefreshMedia_W81_0006 CreateResetRefreshMedia_W81_0007

S9. Creation Windows Media in ISO file is completed


p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>CreateResetRefreshMedia_W81_0008

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