Windows Updates: Build WSUS Offline Update ISO

Windows Update is very important to keep Windows System secure.

However, performing Windows Update by downloading from Internet will take a while depending on connection and it also depends on the availability of Windows Update for Windows installed.

Windows XP is EOL on 08-Apr-2014 and the availability of Windows Updates for Windows XP may be dropped in the future. If you are still using Windows XP, it is advisable to build an offline Windows Update to patch the system to the latest patches.

In this tutorial, Offline Windows Update will be built using tools WSUS Offline to ISO images.

Note: WSUS Offline v9.0 is the last version to support Windows XP


  1. Download the tool from WSUS Offline



Step 1: Build WSUS Offline ISO

  1. Extract WSUS Offline zip file and execute program UpdateGenerator.exe




  1. Check on Language for Windows/Office Updates


  1. In Options, you must set the checkbox on the following options:


Optional Options:
– Microsoft Security Essential + Definition Updates
– Runtime Updates (Visual C++ and .Net Frameworks)

  1. In ‘Create ISO Image(s)’, check ‘per selected product and language’


  1. Click Start Button to start build Offline Windows Update ISO



  1. Navigate to iso folder to get the generated WSUS Offline ISO


Step 2: Executing WSUS Offline

  1. Pre-Requisites:

a. If you are using ISO, mount ISO or extract using software such as 7Zip
b. If you are using DVD media, insert DVD media

  1. Execute UpdateInstaller.exe


  1. The Update Installer will show other options you can select and click Start


  1. Update Installer will start performing Updates:

a. Update Installer will install Service Pack first and machine must be rebooted


b. Rerun Update Installer to update all hotfix updates and reboot the machine again.


c. Rerun Update Installer again if you wish to install other options.

Updated: 23/09/2014 — 10:48 PM

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