WinFix: Error 0x80070103 when upgrading Windows Server 2008 Edition

When I try to upgrade Windows Server 2008 Edition from Standard to Enterprise/DataCenter, I always encounter the following error message (Error Code: 0x80070103)



The problem is that Windows Server 2008 Setup is looking for MSR partition which contains System Partition and it fails to find the drive contained MSR partition.


Assign a drive letter to MSR Partition.

Steps to assign a drive letter to MSR Partition

  1. Open Server Manager

  2. Open Storage -> Disk Management

  3. Right click on MSR Partition and select Change Drive Letter and Paths…


  1. Click Add button, select Drive letter and click OK


  1. Make sure MSR Partition has the requested free space available.
Updated: 28/09/2014 — 3:35 AM

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