WinFix: Failover Cluster – Validate Windows Cluster Configuration shows errors in List Potential Cluster Disks having disk with the same disk signature

All local disks except System Drive and Paging (if paging is on different disk) and attached storage such as SAN/iSCSI will participate in Windows Cluster Configuration validation as potential cluster disk.

If there is error of multiple disks with the same disk signature, especially local disk, the validation will fail.

This is usually happens on Virtual Machine when the disks are clone.

Well, this issue can be fix by changing the disk signature using diskpart utility.

Error Message



  1. Open Command Prompt in Administrator Mode

  2. Run Diskpart

  3. In Diskpart command:

3.1. List All Disks

DISKPART> list disk

Disk ###  Status         Size     Free     Dyn  Gpt
 --------  -------------  -------  -------  ---  ---
 Disk 0    Online          102 MB      0 B
 Disk 1    Online           14 GB  1024 KB
 Disk 2    Online          103 MB  1984 KB
 Disk 3    Online         2154 MB  1984 KB
 Disk 4    Online          100 MB    67 MB        *
 Disk 5    Online         5120 MB  5086 MB        *

3.2. In this case, Disk 2 is clone disk

DISKPART> select disk 2
Disk 2 is now the selected disk.

3.3. Show current Disk 2 signature

DISKPART> uniqueid disk
Disk ID: B0237D22

3.4. Set New Disk 2 signature

DISKPART> uniqueid disk id=B0237D23

3.4. Show the new Disk 2 signature

DISKPART> uniqueid disk
Disk ID: B0237D23

3.5. Exit Diskpart



Updated: 22/10/2014 — 10:25 PM

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