WinFix: Release Shadow Copy Storage Space Created By Windows Server Backup

When you backup using Windows Server Backup to local disk media, Windows Server Backup creates a shadow copy storage in that Local disk. If the backup in that Local disk is no longer required, we just delete the backup in WindowsImageBackup Folder.


However, the space used in VSS is still being used and I show you how to release unneeded VSS storage used by Windows Server Backup.


S1-1. Open Properties of Local Disk and navigate to Shadow Copies tab. You will notice on Used Space taken


S1-2. Open Command Prompt in Administrator Mode, and execute the following command to list all Shadow Copies and Shadow Storage

VssAdmin List Shadows
VssAdmin List ShadowStorage



 S1-3. Run DiskShadow.exe command to delete Shadow Copy Volume created by Windows Server Backup

DISKSHADOW> Delete Shadows Volume F:


If you try to delete using VssAdmin command directly, the command will fail


S1-4. Open Local Disk Properties -> Shadow Copies, the used space is now 0 bytes


S1-5. In Command Prompt, execute VssAdmin Command to delete Shadow Copy Storage

VssAdmin Delete ShadowStorage /For=F: /On=F: /Quiet


p style=”padding-left: 30px;”> WB_VSS_0008

S1-6. Open Local Disk Properties -> Shadow Copies again, Shadow Copy Storage on Drive F is no longer exist.



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