WinFix: Reset Password – Local Windows Administrator for Windows 10 using Windows DVD

Sometimes, the worst thing happen to Windows is to forget administrator password. So here the guide to reset administrator password using Windows 10 Setup DVD.

This guide is written to reset password for Windows 10

Step 1: Set Utilman.exe to open Command Prompt

S1-1. Boot using Windows 10 DVD

S1-2. When Windows Setup wizard appear


S1-3. There are two ways to open Command Prompt

  • Press SHIFT + F10 on first Windows Setup Wizard


  • Open via Repair your computer options






S1-4. Change Drive to Windows System Drive


S1-5. Execute the following command:

  • Change directory to Windows\System32

cd Windows\System32

  • Rename Utilman.exe to Utilman.exe.bak

move Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.bak

  • Copy cmd.exe to Utilman.exe

copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe


S1-6. Reboot

shutdown /r /t 0




Step 2: Reset Password

S2-1. At Windows Logon screen, either press <WINDOWS_KEY> + U or click on Ease of access icon at the bottom right to open Windows Command Prompt



S2-2. Reset password step

  • To list all users: Net user
  • To reset password: Net user <WINDOWS_ID> <PASSWORD>


S2-3. Logon Windows using new password to test

S2-4. Reboot Windows and run Windows Setup DVD again to restore original Utilman done in Step 1


Step 3: Restore Utilman.exe

S3-1. In Windows Setup, open Command Prompt (Refer to Step 1 on how to open Command Prompt)

S3-2. Execute the following steps:

  • Change Windows Directory

cd Windows\System32

  • Restore original Utilman.exe

del Utilman.exe

ren Utilman.exe.bak Utilman.exe

  • Reboot Windows

shutdown /r /t 0



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