WPFix: Fix WordPress SlimStat Error 404 on missing Country Flag image

SlimStat is a great plugin to monitor the traffic on WordPress blog.

However, SlimStat does not include a generic image for non-existence country code such as A1.

In SlimStat Real-Time log, non-existence country code will show as no image and when refresh, 404 error logged in Real-Time log due a1.png flag image is not found.

Although this is not critical, unnecessary error 404 should not appear.


SlimStat will show no image for non-existence country code such as A1 and when Real-Time Log page is refreshed, it may logged error 404 on missing flag image (i.e. a1.png).

Based on MaxMind, A1 country code refers to Anonymous Proxy.




I create an image country code for A1 (a1.png) and add in wp-slimstat flag image.

Download WP SlimStat Country Code Flags, extract and upload the image into



Once Uploaded, refreshed Real-Time Log and the non-existence country code appear and there will be no unnecessary 404 error logged.



  1. [ddownload id=”1576″] WP SlimStat Country Code Flags ([ddownload_count id=”1576″])

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